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A Perfect Soldier – Cambodian premier

On Sunday January 29, 2012, A Perfect Soldier had its Siem Reap premier at the Cambodian Landmine Museum Relief Facility to a crowd of nearly 100 people. In partnership with the museum, the film screened as part of a free “open house” that welcomed local Cambodians, tourists, local NGO personnel, and even children from other local orphanages who came to play with the children living at the museum.

In conjunction with the screening was a photographic exhibition sponsored by PROOF Media for Social Justice. The exhibition titled The Rescuers highlights individuals from around the world who exercised moral courage when they risk their own lives to save others during various genocides around the globe.

Sadly the event comes one day after a landmine accident involving a 15 year old girl, her mother and siblings that occurred not 10 Km from the museum.  It is believed that the girl lost both legs in the blast that also blinded members of her family, a tragic reminder that landmines still continue to terrorize the Cambodian people.