Marketing meeting, Sundance and Santa Barbara

Brooks, Richard, Jonathan, and I had a very productive conference call to discuss the marketing and release plan for A Perfect Soldier.

We divided up tasks and made a rough schedule for the months ahead with plans for a Chicago and Toronto screener in the near future!

Submissions went out to Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals last week and more are planned for the near future.

If anyone has a venue location suggestion for the Chicago or Toronto screener, please let us know, take care!


3 responses to “Marketing meeting, Sundance and Santa Barbara

  1. Submit for the Palm Springs Film Festival in January. Draws well from Hollywood, and well repsected festival. The local paper has done many stories on Aki Ra since our charity is located here.

  2. Regarding Chicago screeners… if you want a place for free I can definitely recommend one (and probably only one). If you’re paying $$, then you’re options open up of course. Just give me a call and I’ll pass along the info, contacts, etc…

  3. Thanks for your comments! Bill, I’ve added Palm Springs to our list and Eric, I’ll likely be speaking to you soon, take care!

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