New Script and Rough Cut Complete!

Sorry for the delay in posting but things have been busy these past few months. In May of this year, Clara Lehmann and myself began working on a complete overhaul of the film’s script. Using previous cuts of the film, feedback from test screenings, and assistance from writing advisors, we focused on maximizing the film’s current strengths while clarifying its story arc. By early July we had a finished script that we began to refine and send out for further feedback from talented and experienced writers like Jeff Long, Meg Moss, David Boodell, Eric Battersby, and others. Also at this point, we decided to incorporate two new elements into the storyline.

The first new element is narration which we use as a means to reinforce presented history as well as draw connections between the current actions of our main character with events of his childhood thirty years ago. The voice in the film is subtle and only there for reinforcement and guidance as we were careful to continue to focus on “showing rather than telling.”

The second new element we decided to incorporate was animation. Animation itself is a bit of an umbrella term so let me further clarify what I mean here. Within our main character’s life were many important moments that happened long before we could have recorded them (or even ones he remembers clearly). Instead of having him tell his story only in the present, we decided that it would be helpful to the story if we could find a way of presenting certain elements from his past on screen. However, we did not want to reinact moments exactly as they happened for fear of oversimplifying them. Instead we came up with the solution of using beautifully designed and animated scenes that focus on the subtle events of his story alongside his description of what happened. We tried to match the existing cinematography of the film as much as possible so the transition between the two worlds would be less drastic. We’re about one third of the way through the process at this point and look forward to finishing up the rest very soon! Our animator is Viktor Berg and you can see samples of his work at :

In August of this year, I began work on assembling the film following the new script as closely as possible. In late August, I passed the work to Jonathan Lacocque who will be finishing out the rest of the edit. The detail and organization in Clara Lehmann’s new script as well as previous cuts completed by Chris Parkhurst and Melissa Burns, have allowed things to move very smoothly and efficiently with the new edit and we look forward to finalizing and sharing it with you soon! Until then, thank you for your patience and interest, and please email or post comments/questions to this entry, take care! – John Severson


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