Passing of Bou Senghourt (HOURT)

1981 – 2009

With a very heavy heart and profound sadness we announce the passing of Bou Seng Hourt. Hourt was the wife of Aki Ra, the gentle mother of Amatak, Mine, Meta and dozens of children who called the Cambodia Landmine Museum their home. She made all our lives richer for having known her.

Of all the people I spent time talking to in Cambodia, Huort’s smile and laugh were one of the most memorable. Despite the recent radical changes to where she lived/worked, her honesty and love for Aki Ra and her children never waivered one bit. She was a beautiful and healthy woman, barely 30 years old, and her death came as a shocking surprise to all who knew her.

Hourt meant so much to Aki Ra, their adopted children, and the museum and up until last month, she was a dedicated de-miner as well. You will be proud to know that Aki Ra’s new demining team has women deminers working with him. This was something Hourt had encouraged and without her I doubt these women would have participated. Hourt is just as much a hero as Aki Ra and letters, phone calls and emails from around the world to Aki Ra last week prove that to be true.

Rich Fitoussi is currently en route back to Cambodia to help Aki Ra and the community in their time of need. For more information and/or to make a donation to Huort’s memorial, visit

Let this be another reminder to cherish those close to us and be thankful for incredible people like Bou Senghourt.


-John Severson


4 responses to “Passing of Bou Senghourt (HOURT)

  1. This is truly a sad day. Hourt was an amazing soul; welcoming, compassionate, selfless, warm and intelligent. It was an honor to have gotten to know her during my short 3 months at the landmine museum. My time there with her, Aki Ra and all the kids has changed my life forever. She will be missed here in Oregon, but never forgotten.

  2. Sebastian Cushing

    During the time I spent at the Cambodian Land Mine Museum Hourt always made me feel right at home. My heart goes out to Aki Ra, Amitak, Mine, and everyone else at the Cambodian Landmine Museum. I send you all of my love.

  3. How sad. During my time at the Landmine Museum, Hourt was always a friend and confidant. All my sympathies to the people who depended on her daily for the same until her passing.

  4. I am shocked by this news. It is more than a year ago now. Hourt’s older brother, Bou Seng Hou, is my close friend.

    I wish she rest in peace and her 3 kids be healthy!

    In loves!

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