Finishing Writer Joins Year Zero Team

The Year Zero team is pleased to announce the addition of Documentary writer/director David Boodell. Boodell, a former supervising producer at Chicago’s well-known Towers Productions, has directed and produced numerous features for television networks such as A&E, the History Channel, and Discovery. In 2006, he directed the feature “Facing Life: The Retrial of Evan Zimmerman,” a story of one man’s struggle to prove his innocence after being wrongly convicted of a murder in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Boodell has just finished co-authoring the book “Dreams From the Monster Factory” with Sunny Schwartz. In the book, Boodell details how Schwartz, who has worked in the San Francisco County Jails for a quarter of a century, has gone about reforming the system so that it works for the community rather than against it.

Boodell is working diligently to help fine-tune the Year Zero story and write voice-over to make it more appealing to broadcasters and film festivals alike. He is currently reviewing our rough cuts and suggested outlines as well as reading through the film’s transcripts to check for additional material that we may use. We’ll keep you updated on his progress but we’re hoping to have a finished outline to edit from by the end of this month.


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