Update from Cambodia

Things in Cambodia are going amazing for Aki Ra and the team at the CLMMRF. Aki Ra’s new de-mining NGO, Cambodia Self Help Demining (CSHD), received full licensed accreditation from the Cambodia Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority in mid December of 2008 just in time for the beginning of the New Year. The accreditation of this new all Khmer organization marks the efforts of nearly 10 years of hard work by the Landmine Relief Fund and its sister organization the Cambodia Landmine Museum Relief Fund.


Aki Ra’s new NGO team has been fully outfitted with new Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), state of the art mine detection equipment and logistical GPS equipment for mapping and surveying mined areas in Cambodia. The new NGO has acquired vehicles required for its first team including an outfitted ambulance that is mandatory for every demining team operating under international and Cambodian humanitarian demining standards.


Bill Morse, International Project Manager for the CSHD and director of the Landmine Relief Fund in Palm Springs California, has been working diligently on the diplomatic front to get Aki Ra’s all Khmer demining team accredited and deserves a huge pat on the back for all his work. The CSHD are currently demining in Kohchombok Village in Siem Reap Province.

-Richard Fitoussi


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