Happy Holidays!

Everyone here at Year Zero would like to wish you the best of holidays! We’ve taken the last week to regroup, and we hope you too found time to relax with family and friends. During this time of year we thought it would be great to share both an update, and some important thank yous.

Currently we are finalizing the assembly of a writing/story development team with more help from the talented writer Jeff Long. He has been a wonderful adviser to the film and continues to show great support. We’ve also recently contracted Clara Lehmann to read all of our interview transcripts, and provide editorial help. We feel strongly about where we’ve taken the film so far, but we also understand the importance of critical and objective feedback. Making sure the film speaks clearly and powerfully to as many people as possible is extraordinarily important to us, and thus this final leg of work will be both challenging and exciting. As a group of professionals living with the same media for nearly 2 years now, it is important to now push for that finish line. We will likely be reviewing the film, transcripts, re-worked script and written outlines/proposals for the next month with an interest in completing the final film sometime in February.

Finally, although we did not get into the Sundance Film Festival, we are excited to prep our film for future festival submission. We’ve thought about Full Frame, Hot Docs, AFI Dallas along with several others. Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions–we’d love to hear them!

Thank you all for your support and continued interest in our project. We hope to bring a powerful film to each of you in the early part of ’09, and can only wish for a positive response. With the finalization of this film and promotion of it, we will be working hard to garner support and further fiscal sponsorship for Akira’s Landmine Museum, and interest in the landmine issue that plagues not only Cambodia and Southeast Asia, but much of the world.


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