Update from LA

Things have been moving along GREAT in LA the last few days. Arrived last friday morning and went directly to Jesper’s studio downtown to meet about schedule and goals for following week. Outside of navigating LA’s network of expressways, things went on without a hitch.

Spent the weekend in Santa Barbara finalizing the technical details and video/audio exports with Melissa. Compressing/exporting 2 terrabytes of material into a timecode-embedded DVD takes a bit of time and organization and we couldn’t have done it without Melissa’s organizational and technical abilities. Thanks Melissa!

The exports and hard drives made it to Jonathan at Batpack Studios and both Jesper (composer) and Jerry (sound designer) had what they needed by sunday evening.

I spent monday and tuesday watching the film with Jesper at his studio and laying out the 24 tracks we plan on using for the film. All the timing and notes were sent off to Jerry in Pittsburgh by tuesday evening and both Jesper and I are anxious to watch the film with a complete score in the near future!

Remember, for all you Chicago natives out there, you can view the ten minute short film “Living with Landmines” at the REEL shorts festival this weekend…Saturday, 4pm: http://www.projectchicago.com/


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