Year Zero Production Update August 27th

We are proud to announce that the Cinema Verite Institute in Paris has completed a 2007 festival highlights video on their website The video sequence features segments from our award winning short film “Living With Landmines” that won last years Cinema Verite Laureate prize of 30,000 Euros (though for some reason says only 15,000 on the web video!). It’s a bit tricky to get the link to see the video (you have to click on the British flag to get the English version of the site first). Once you are on the English version you can click “2007 Trailer” and follow the link. Prize money from this award is helping to bring the film to the finish line.

Director John Severson is not doing much sleeping these days as he is spending most of his nights in the final stages of rewrites and edits bringing us ever so close to a final picture lock. Graphics and titles are also in the works and it is hoped that we can have the film in Los Angeles by next week to begin composing music for the score. We are happy to have the support and participation of Oscar winning composer Jesper Kyd and look forward to the magic he will bring to the film. We hope to have this “in the can” by September 15th to meet the deadline for the Sundance Film Festival!
We will let you all know when any more exciting news comes our way!


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