Assembly Complete!

Hard to imagine nearly five months have progressed since my last entry but much has happened since my departure from Cambodia.

After nearly 8 months spent in Cambodia in total last year, I headed straight for Portland, OR to work directly with our editor, Chris Parkhurst, in initial preparations for the edit. This involved working out some of the technical issues that are associated with editing over 3 terrabytes (about 125 hours of HD footage) down to a 90 minute feature.

After about 10 days of preparing translation booklets and organizing footage, I left Portland and returned to Chicago for a much needed weekend of R&R.

The following week, I met Jonathan, Rich, and Brooks in Bayfield, Canada to meet and discuss a thorough plan and schedule for the post-production stage of the film. Meanwhile Chris was finalizing a cut of our trailer which can be viewed here

Assemblage of the film began December 1 with a completed assemblage by february 22 of this year!

This stage could not have been completed without dedicated assistance from our Chicago based Cambodian translator who also sings in his part time:
Pheap Singing during editing break
Pheap at work

And, of course, nothing could be done without the dedication of Chris “Sabres” Parkhurst:
Chris at workSmiling ChrisChris with LuLu (Year Zero mascot)

5 weeks of 12-16 hour days in front of screens:
John at workJohn Browsing YearZero SiteChris Supervising Assistant Editor CoreyChairs not required

+ Pheap’s home cooked Cambodian lunches:
John and Pheap - lunchPheap - lunch

= One Assembled Film!
One DVDRough Cut Complete!

We are currently entering the next batch of cuts and screeners and are all excited at the building momentum. Check back for more on this later!


3 responses to “Assembly Complete!

  1. Can’t wait to see it. Let me know when we are at the color correction stage.

  2. Chris Parkhurst

    Ahhh, Pheap… miss the cooking and the singing, ‘Bawng’!

  3. Hi, I would like to congratulate you for the film, it’s an amazing job you’re doing. I have recently returned from a trip to Cambodia where I found myself fascinated and very emotioned by the Khmer Rouge story.

    Good luck, we are all looking forward to its opening, who knows maybe you come promote it here in Brazil.

    All the best!

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