After a full day of getting footage organized, repairing equipment, and co-ordinating the next trip we prepared for the second trip to Anlong Veng in the same week. This time we would be bringing along two survivors of Khmer Rouge labor camps who were courageous enough to confront their former leader in the previous Khmer Rouge stronghold of Anlong Veng.

Lavalier microphone stopped working but managed to find two replacement microphones and just as I was heading out of town, we found someone to fix the original microphone…took ten minutes and cost $2.00.
Tom with Microphone Repair SpecialistAnlong Veng Sign

Picked up our two brave characters at the bus stop and were in Anlong Veng by lunchtime to relax and prepare to confront their former leader. The rest of the afternoon was filled with tense moments of uncertainty and unexpected gestures and emotions of compassion. Although I had major second thoughts about setting all this up when we first arrived, things could not have worked out better for the individuals and the film combined.
Brave Travellers

Spent the following day visiting Pol Pot’s grave, Ta Mok’s house, and filming some other Anlong Veng broll. Was back in Siem Reap by early afternoon to put in my last visit to Aki Ra’s landmine museum before heading to Phnom Penh the following morning.


6 responses to “Confrontation

  1. That will be an interesting conversation to hear, John, between the victims and their abusers. Strong stuff!

  2. Indeed. Even without knowing exactly what was being said, it was very interesting just to see their body language and how that changed through the course of the encounter.

  3. Very courageous of the survivors. What was the venue for the confrontation? Your last visit to the landmine museum this trip? Does that mean your almost done?

  4. Venue was at Im Chem’s house in Anlong Veng. Yes, I am coming to the end of this trip to Cambodia…about one more week here…lots of unexpected great footage though!

  5. Happy Birthday John!! I hope you had some fun yesterday.

  6. Thanks…was driving across the country for most of it…

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