Phnom Penh pickups

Had a bit of a cold after returning from the provinces this week so took it easy for a couple days and watched nearly every film made about Cambodia in the past thirty years. Took notes on their strengths, weaknesses, and gained more ideas on remaining footage to shoot.

Visited the Ministry of Culture on thursday to request a meeting with the new, recently appointed Minister of Culture to continue the quest for the KR footage. Also visited the office of cinema and cultural diffusion to pickup my filming permit but it was not ready yet.

Friday was a full day of production in/around Phnom Penh. Started the day with an interview with Dara, an employee of DC-CAM ( Shot broll of the DC-CAM office, pictures, maps before heading across town with Tom to pickup a wheelchair.
TrafficIndependence MonumentDara and JohnKR Leaders
Felt “truly Cambodian” driving back on Tom’s moto balancing a folded wheelchair on my lap.
Carrying Wheelchair

Used the wheelchair to film all around Phnom Penh: central market, Monivong Street, others. Finished filming at about 4:30 and had about 45 min to backup all footage, export a videofile of the interview we shot that morning, and deliver it for translation. Only with a p2 workflow was it possible to shoot all day and in 30 minutes of computer access have a 45 minute interview exported and delivered to begin translation.

Gotta run to catch the bus to Siem Reap….


2 responses to “Phnom Penh pickups

  1. I am curious what role the wheel chair played in your filming. The picture in my head is you in the chair holding the camera steady while being pushed through the streets of Phnom Penh by Tom on his moto!

  2. Close but not quite 🙂 We tried several different applications for the wheelchair: 1) Me filming while Tom pushes steadily through a busy marketplace. 2) Mounting the camera to the bottom of the wheelchair and pushing it through busy traffic at high speeds 3) Over a wooden track in the middle of the jungle.

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