Mountain Pagoda

Spent most of sunday scouting remaining locations in Phnom Penh:
Central Market 1Central Market 2Monivong StreetAbove Olympic StadiumTom with Pink Helmet

Afterwards, I returned with Tom to his house in Odong (village outside Phnom Penh) and spent the evening with his family which I had heard much about but never met previously.

His two year old son “tommy” was extremely frightened of me at first (could barely be in the same car with me) But after sharing the same bedroom and spending more time around him, he gradually realized that my longer nose and whiter skin was nothing to be afraid of and he eventually sat next to me and looked at family pictures.
Little TommyLike father like sonLittle Tommy 2Tom’s Family

The following morning’s plan to film sunrise over a nearby mountain pagoda was ruined by a horrendous downpour which lasted through the night and into the morning. As soon as it cleared, however, we climbed up the never-ending steps to the top of the mountain (hill) and filmed the surroundings for the morning.
Nearby PagodaFrozen in TimeJohn filming

Tried to track down a person in the area who may be able to assist us in finding/using a deactivated landmine as a prop but were unsuccessful. Lunch with Tom’s family before returning to Phnom Penh this afternoon.

As promised, I’ve posted another SAMPLE from Sokha, the Khmer singer we recorded last week. This short clip is a sample of her singing about “the taste of love.”


2 responses to “Mountain Pagoda

  1. Whoa what kind of creature is in that middle picture? It looks like either a humming bird or a moth from hell.

  2. Neither…dragon fly. Taken with a digital camera and compressed for the web…so may have gotten distorted.

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