Mobile Production

Last night, a group of Australian high school students came over to my host’s house and we exchanged stories, I told them all about the film, and we did a bit of a screening at the end. Its always great to see so many teenagers excited about filmmaking and I will keep you posted if there’s a way to see their finished project on the web.

Met Akira, Richard, and Tom for a late breakfast today. I passed on the finished postcards for Rich to take to Paris and we discussed the rest of the production plan.

Tom and I left Phnom Penh today for three full days of production. Tomorrow we are recording one of the most beautiful Cambodian voices I have heard since being here. Her name is Sokha and she lives in Anlong Veng but is meeting us in Siem Reap tomorrow afternoon. I will try to post an audio sampling for you to hear afterwards.

It continues to rain nearly everyday here and I’ve never seen Cambodia so green and lush before…a far contrast to the dry and dusty environment we filmed in. I’ve been trying to take more pictures recently but as most of what i’m doing here is phone calls, meetings, and preperations, its nothing too photogenic…here’s a few…


Camera Testing
Mobile Computing


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