Run Around vs. Persistence

After much negotiation and searching, we found a good print shop in Phnom Penh to print the film’s promotional postcards. Check out Kabo printing near the InterContinental Hotel…$187 for 1000 postcards (4 color front with lamiinate, 2 color back). I have been over there twice to see proofs of front and back and they are completing the whole job in 2 days time! Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come:
Postcard Sample
Wrote a new synopsis for the film and had it translated to Khmer along with the permit application and waiver saying I would only “use positive images for Cambodia.”

I was asked to turn in copies of all my interview questions, descriptions of everyone in the film…This, of course, I declined to submit for obvious reasons. I was later asked “Why don’t you just write a letter to the Ministry of Culture asking for permission to view the films? That way you won’t need to submit this permit.” !!! For those of you who missed the last few entries, that is exactly what we have already done and have a response in hand from the Minister of Culture granting my film permission to view the KR films. Two days prior we were told we had to submit a new permit first.

In happier news, I was able to repay my fabulous hosts yesterday by being the bartender for a farewell party for the head of the UNDP in Cambodia. Was also a great opportunity to meet and greet and spread awareness for the film. Was a quite an event and was happy to be a part of it. Take care!
Party Setup


2 responses to “Run Around vs. Persistence

  1. Keep up the great work John! I am very impressed with your patience and fortitude. Now just go buy some pants to look nice for the next interview.

  2. When I know there’s an interview, I’m always prepared. The trick is wearing nice clothes in the hot weather just in case.

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