Boiling Point

As planned, we arrived back at the Office of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion today just after 8am. The director of the center decided to make a trip out to the airport at that time so we had to reschedule for that afternoon.

3pm, we return with all paperwork in hand (in english AND khmer) only to find out that now it no longer matters who I am or what approval letters we have received from higher authorities because our film title is not registered with the Cambodian government and therefore we cannot be allowed to view the films. Apparently any films/shorts being shot in Cambodia need to be registered with the Cambodian government and you need to not only pay a daily rate for each production day but you also need to pay a salary for someone from the cinema office to sit and watch at each shooting location.

As you can imagine I’m incredibly frustrated and angry at this point but trying to maintain my cool to continue jumping through the loops. I acquired the necessary paperwork after considerable more pushing (he didn’t want to show me where the paperwork was) and if help does not come from contacts above, I will submit a “production application” and see what horrendous fees we will be charged.

In other news…Tom has continued to be irreplaceable for the film and help with tweaking translations for the trailer, finding good deals to print promotional materials, as well as many other items.



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