Post-Production begins

we’ve been absent from the blog for a while, making sure all personal matters are in order so we can dedicate the next 6 months to edit the film. In our ‘down time’ we’ve edited a teaser which demonstrates the beauty of images we’ve been able to capture while in Cambodia. We are very excited to share our work with you and hope you enjoy what you currently see.

Danny Bresnik, an editor we worked with in Chicago is currently editing a theatrical trailer for the film, but in the meantime enjoy the teaser ;). We’re happy Danny has been able to dedicate time to the trailer (being a busy editor now in LA), and we are looking forward to getting footage to Chris, an editor in Oregon who we feel confident will do a wonderful job with the film.

Our main issue over the past 2 months has been finding dedicated translators since 90% of our film is in Khmer. Although one individual in Cambodia has been helping we are currently searching for an additional dedicated translator.

we hope everyone is doing well and want to thank all of you again for helping make this film a possibility. Watch the teaser knowing you have personally helped make this a reality.

Also feel free to visit where we are fielding questions regarding the Brevis lens adapter we used during production.

Best wishes,



2 responses to “Post-Production begins

  1. Hey John,
    How weird it is to see all those familiar faces and places.
    I am working on my second “khmer/english” translator and should be able to call her during the week-end.
    Great job with Aki Ra and my adorable akirians. Geez, you did good in Phnom Pehn (Still have creeps in my back when I remember my stay there),
    Will pass along the synopsis… keep me updated 😉

  2. Great, let me know what you are able to find out. “Akirians” – I like it. When were you in Phnom Penh last? Take care!


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