Production Day 4 – Workflow

We spent thursday working out the kinks in our production schedule, workflow, and my (John) trip to Phnom Penh the following week. I have exhausted most of the town’s WIFI spots at this point because I am there so often so it is nice to have Jon and Jose help with the blog now. Friday was an early start at the current Land Mine Museum. We started with interviewing Seng and recording her singing one of her favorite Cambodian songs. Seng lost her leg while fetching food for her mother in a nearby village. Despite her loss, cooking and singing remains one of her favorite activities. Later we interviewed Chet, an orphan from Phnom Penh who scavenged the streets before Aki Ra brought him to the museum in Siem Reap. Hak, our production assistant/aspiring filmmaker did the translating for the interview which ended with a demonstration of Chet putting on his prosthetic limb.
Chet playing a keyboard donated by a museum visitor.John and Jon riding in a tuk tuk to the land mine museum.
John and Mr. Phat (our tuk tuk driver)Boreak relaxing in the shade.
While Jon and Jose were picking up lunch, I stayed with local kids from across the street who were fascinated by Chet’s keyboard.
Chet and kids.Two troublemakers.
After lunch, we hopped into Aki Ra’s jeep and drove to the new land mine museum to check in on the construction and tour the progress with Aki Ra.
Rich and Aki Ra at entrance.John and Jose framing worker portraits.
Stopped back at the current land mine museum for the third time that day and filmed some intros with the kids and some shots of them playing volleyball.
Jose and his helpers.
While Rich was reading the final chapter of Aki Ra’s book, Aki Ra received a phone call from the general of the Cambodian Royal Air Force. Aki Ra asked him if we could come along and we all went out to dinner and are working on setting up a later interview.
Aki Ra and the GeneralGeneral, Aki Ra, and Rich
While I was working on a workflow system and finalizing the schedule, Jon and Jose went to Bel’s Village. They drove three hours from Siem Reap and spent the day with Bel’s family and friends.
Hak’s village
href=’’ title=’dscf0025_1.JPG’>dscf0025_1.JPGdscf0037_1.JPGBel at his village
children at Hak’s village

also remember to see our Gallery section for more pictures!


3 responses to “Production Day 4 – Workflow

  1. The women and children are beautiful. From the looks of it, the people seem very friendly. What do most of the families/communities do for a living? Hopefully you guys can teach Chet a few tricks of your trade. Take care. -Clara

  2. Nearly all the villagers work in the rice fields, while people who don’t work generally prepare meals and take care of up-keep in the village.

    And yes, the kids are so beautiful here. They are very photogenic – more pictures to come! and are always intrigued by our camera – usually following us around as we film. We’ve been able to get many amazing shots thanks to their curiosity.

  3. I’m am really curious about the film..Great pictures…As I will move to Phnom Penh at the end of april, it would be great to know where the wifi hotspots are. as you I am planning to make some documentaries too, but mostly in german language.

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