Last day of pre-production!

Been a busy week of finalizing local assistants, translators, local market prices, and accomodations for the coming month. Schedule and script are constantly being re-tuned and I’m looking forward to working with Jon and Jose in person rather than through emails, international phone lines, and text messages!

While Jon and Jose were starting their 36 hour journey to meet me, I spent the day reading the first copy of Aki Ra’s coming book “The Story of My Life” to Aki Ra. We picked a nice quiet spot in the jungle so words like “Pol Pot” and “Khmer Rouge” would go un-noticed.
Rich reading to Aki Ra.
Last night, I attended a concert that all the children from the land mine museum participated in. The kids played traditional instruments, sang songs, and danced to each other’s solo performances. Aki Ra and Hourt had taught the kids how to play the different instruments and were proud on-lookers for the concert. As it was very dark when the performance was taking place, I didn’t want to disturb the kids by taking a lot of flash pictures, but some of the highlights are below. Luckily my camera ran out of batteries just before I joined the dancing circle (so thankfully no pictures of that one).
Hak practicing before the concert.Kids playing volleyball before the concert.BelChetSeng and Voleak
Had my third khmer lesson this morning, wish I could say I could speak more, but I’m getting there. The basics have been great so far (directions, market prices, food, etc.) Decided to walk back from my meeting with CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Center) in regards to filming permission/co-ordination. Walked the entire 3km with a young boy named Yapoun and spoke Khmer the entire way! Jul Keo! (Bottoms up/cheers in Khmer)


4 responses to “Last day of pre-production!

  1. why are you reading the story of Aki Ra’s life to Aki Ra?

  2. John in a Cambodian dance circle…that would be worth a flight just to witness. Jon make sure you have a camera ready next time Mr. Severson gets on his dancing shoes.

  3. John, I have to say that I agree with Sean… how convenient that your camera died!

  4. Something tells me that the batteries will run out in Jon’s camera as well but we’ll see…

    We are reading Aki Ra’s book to Aki Ra to make sure all the facts/stories are accurate and to see if there is anything he would like to add/remove. We also need to make sure it is “PC” and there are no negative comments on government officials. Rich finished the reading two days ago and the final comments will be made this week with the book to be published this summer!

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