Updates in Chicago

Although the crew hasn’t left for Cambodia yet, our tickets are in hand! We leave this weekend (March 3.) and will arrive in Siem Reap shortly after. This last week has been, and will continue to be, filled with final purchases, packing and continuing to test equipment.

As Jose (our Director of Photography) and I will be leaving soon, we have been meeting to continue work on the overall look of our film. We’ve come up with some interesting color choices and are excited to apply some of our cinematic ideas once we arrive in Cambodia. We are hoping to capture the overall warmth of the country while contrasting that with some of the dramatic subjects we will be addressing during the production. Lots of warm tones with a lot of contrast. A good film to see for an example of the ‘look’ we are striving for is the first minute of “water” a recently oscar-nominated foreign film. Check it out, let us know what you think here on the blog!

I would also like to take the time to personally thank Mim and Doug Severson who have continued to support the production with their wonderful advice and contributions. Other recent contributers include Clara Lehmann, Andre and Claire Lacocque, Ben Werlin, Ron Cadioux and Rachel Parker. Your support has allowed us to finalize our flights and equipment purchases for the project. Thank you all again!

Another important and exciting update is the partnership between Smiling Toad Productions and 3World Media. We have combined in order to further improve the Year Zero project. 3World brings production experience and entertainment industry resources to Year Zero. We are excited to be working with 3World on this documentary. Please check out 3world.ca to see their website, and to view their recently completed documentary “Ghosts of War” which expolores NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan.

I look forward to helping John update you all with progress in Cambodia once I arrive there. And as Jose and I continue to prepare for our departure, we will be thinking of all of you who continue to support our efforts. Thank you again, and until next time – CHEERS!



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