One month and counting…

Well, as of today, I’ve been in Cambodia for exactly one month! Still lots to do but am very pleased with the progress so far.

Spent an afternoon at the old (or current) land mine museum on friday…meeting more kids, playing volleyball with them. Saturday was a very full day….production planning with Jon in the morning. Met Phil and Hak for lunch before we drove to Hak’s village about an hour outside of town. Visited with Hak’s friends and family for a couple hours and filmed a piece on Hak relating his story of how he lost his leg to a land mine.
We had to leave early to get back for the start of the puppet parade through town. For the past month, children from various local schools with the help of foreign volunteers have been busily working on making giant floats out of scrap materials (see previous entries for pictures). Saturday night, they paraded through town and to a local park where they were shown a slideshow of the construction process. Pretty much the whole town was involved in this in some way. My role was to film the different stages of the event and edit a promotional video to show the kids and other potential sites. Unfortunately no pictures of the parade here but a video clip is on its way! Spent sunday afternoon at a cafe helping Cambodians learn English. I was expecting to just have a drink with friends but it turned into a 4 hour english session and birthday party for 6 Cambodian girls I’d never met before.


6 responses to “One month and counting…

  1. John, could you explain why this town is having a Puppet parade? Is it a holiday of some sort?

  2. Wow I cannot believe it has only been a month. I feel like you have been gone for a lot longer than that. I guess the living alone in freezing cold weather is giving me some cabin-fever.

    Well done with the English lessons Johnny! It looks like a fun party. Also I am glad you finally got into a few pictures, but I did not imagine your first appearance would be you being fed cake by a Cambodian birthday girl.

  3. In terms of the “puppet parade”….no specific holiday…near Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year’s but it wasn’t for either of those. The main point was to give local children a new experience and pull them off the streets for a few days (many of them are street sellers). They learned how to build colorful floats out of nothing, had a lot of laughs, and learned a bit of English. The parade was simply to show the rest of the town all the hard work they put in.

    Yeah, that’s one thing I definitely do not miss right now…Chicago winters. Well, I hear a good way to break cabin-fever is to take a vacation to Cambodia…

    Although very unexpected and new to me, its really amazing how dedicated people here are to learning English. Many of the people at this speaking club worked full time during the day (hospitals, markets, tour agencies…), night classes learning english, and then on their one day off a week…sunday afternoon, they would get together with people they didn’t know with the sole purpose of improving their english. If I could have been only half that dedicated during those high school years of french, maybe I would have learned something!

  4. Question to readers/viewers….are you seeing captions for my photos? Starting from this last posting, most pictures should have captions but I’m not seeing them displayed…do you?

  5. Not seeing captions, John.

  6. Hey John,
    I think a good way to do the captions is to change the file name to whatever you want the caption to be. That is, if we don’t figure out a better way to do it. It would likely have to be short, but at least that way there is some form of captioning going on. Because the file name seems to show up, i.e. over the picture. Another possibility is in preferences of the blog site, can we change the preference of wordpress so that you see the caption rather than the file name. I would imagine that is possible.

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