Superbowl, Aki Ra, visit to new museum

Unfortunately, even rallying local Cambodians to cheer for the Bears at 6am on Monday morning was not enough. Was able to watch the game on a big screen wheeled out on to the sidewalk outside of a bar in Siem Reap. Most of the crowd was curious people on their way to work but there were a few Chicagoans!
The game was over by 9am with plenty of time to visit more potential house/office locations, revise the script, and co-ordinate filming. Tuesday morning, I visited a full session of the puppet construction project (see previous log) for a promotional video for the project. Spent the afternoon with Angkor Real Estate riding all over town on the back of a motorcycle and looking at houses. Not easy to find a good deal this time of year!
Wednesday morning, Rich and I brought the first of several signs for the new land mine museum to show Aki Ra. Unfortunately, he decided to go de-mining last minute so we were only able to show some of the kids. Sign looks great though!
Went to the site of the new land mine museum yesterday to film and connect with Aki Ra. Although located much further from town (about one hour via tuk tuk), it will be a great location to teach and house Aki Ra’s children. The tuk tuk I was riding in got a flat tire on the way so we stopped at the local tuk tuk dealership to get a tire change and tune up….total cost….$2.50
The site looks great and all the structures are currently built and being prepared for a solar power system to be installed next week. Rich and Aki Ra busily talked construction planning while I filmed the current construction status.


3 responses to “Superbowl, Aki Ra, visit to new museum

  1. John, could you put captions under the pictures so we know what we are looking at?

  2. Yes, from now on I will try to post captions for all pictures. Good idea, thanks!

  3. Hi John:

    Can you say how you are constructing the solar-powered system?


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