Back in Phnom Penh

An exciting partnership with 3world Media is currently being considered. This partnership, bringing three countries into collaboration together, would increase the success of film’s production and distribution. 3world Media is currently in the editing stages of an exciting documentary on Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. Click here to view the trailer!

Visited the Foreign Teacher’s Training Center outside Siem Reap to visit with local children. Jake, Stuart, Trixy, and other Europeans teach local children before or after school to build colorful floats out of donated materials. At the end of the session, a forty foot long snake was tied together and carried around the school. On February 10, the children will lead the floats through the center of Siem Reap in a large parade which will end with a party and slide show in a local park.

Returned to Phnom Penh to acquire the necessary permits for filming at Tuol Sleng and Choeng Ek with the DC-CAM sponsored tour. We will be partnering with Fast Forward Cambodia for some of the Phnom Penh based production.


I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures of the land mine museum while I finalize the shot list for tomorrow’s filming at Tuol Sleng and Choeng Ek.



One response to “Back in Phnom Penh

  1. What is the significance of the snake? Is Feb 10 a special holiday over there- hence the parade? Perhaps we should send Gus.

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