Contacts in Siem Reap

Went to Stung Meanchey garbage dump in Phnom Penh on Monday. Despite everything you read and hear about a place like this, nothing prepares you for the sight of hundreds of people clambering over mountains of garbage. Many of them are so focused and determined on finding food and/or relics to sell that they take little notice to your presence. However, children approach and offer their hand with a smile and ask where you are from. A young boy named Poy approached and held my hand as I walked among this wasteland in the heart of Cambodia’s capitol city.
Took a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Monday afternoon. A crazed taxi driver miscalculated passing room and clipped his side view mirror on the front windshield of the bus leaving a crack across the middle. Twenty minutes later, a hungry labrador crossed the road at the worst possible moment and a horrible crushing sound could be heard as the bus instantly killed the dog without reducing speed. I, unfortunately, had front row seats for both of these events.
Met a Cambodian girl named Patti who currently lives in LA and was returning to her hometown (Siem Reap) for a visit. Patti was born during Pol Pot’s rule and narrowly escaped his wrath.

Began setting up Siem Reap contacts the last few days, planning with Richard, visiting the land mine museum. All is well with Aki Ra, and the visitors to his land mine museum have risen tremendously since my last trip.
Many more pictures of the museum and Siem Reap to come soon.


One response to “Contacts in Siem Reap

  1. Oh man…and I thought the late night cab ride in Chicago was scary.

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