Cambodian Media

Friday was testing day for equipment. Packed up the fully loaded Cinebag and walked all over Phnom Penh stopping to film various people and locations along the way. The camera and firestore worked great and only minor tweaks are needed to finalize the work flow.

Saturday involved loads of errands in and around town before meeting with Christophe of Fast Forward Cambodia. Christophe lives in Cambodia year round and is a potential DP for the trailer footage. Saturday night was the opening of “Meta House” (an art gallery house in Phnom Penh). Many of the major Cambodian media contacts were there and it was a full night of networking and making friends. Buzz for the film was good and many people were asking me about it. Stopped to make more mp3 CDs at the Boom Boom Room on the way home (who can resist 75 cents an album?).
Sunday was more camera testing/phone calls, and prep emails for my trip to Siem Reap tomorrow. Sunday night, I went out for dinner with Brad and some other friends at a local Italian restaurant. Lots of interesting doctor stories and good food!
Monday will begin with the Bears playing on Cambodian TV at 3am. Followed by a meeting with a potential Phnom Penh interpreter at 7:30, a meeting with a tour leader from DC-CAM at 9, a visit to the Phnom Penh garbage dumps at 10:30, a meeting with Helen Jarvis of the ECCC at 12:00, and a bus ride to Siem Reap at 1:30.


2 responses to “Cambodian Media

  1. Thanks for the mid-game texts! I was the coolest guy at the bar because I was getting messages about the Bears from the other side of the world.

  2. Hi John Severson!
    Your mom forwarded your blog to your first grade teacher. It was thrillling to read about what you are doing. I am awed by your adventures and so pleased to hear what you are doing with your life. I always remember you as a committed and focused student with high regard for others. It certainly is evident in your work. Congratulations on this important endeavor. Mary Fencl, Beye School, Oak Park, IL

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