Arrival in Phnom Penh

Minutes before arrival

After a solid 30+ hours of traveling, I stepped off the climate controlled Airbus A320 into the thick Cambodian heat at 8:00am Monday morning. Bought a visa and picked up my 2 checked bags without a hitch. Successfully carried all camera gear solo, across the world, and without any overweight charges or lost items! Not bad for a Monday morning. Spotted Sophal holding a typed sign with my name on it and he hurriedly escorted me into his leather seated “diplomat” SUV and we drove through the crowded streets of Phnom Penh. He showed me to my room where I dropped off my bags, took a shower, and headed back into town. Breakfast, malaria pills, and a toothbrush purchase was on the planner but I only got to the first two. In atypical John style, a ten minute nap turned into a 13 hour sleep! I guess all that crazy last minute packing combined with the jet lag finally caught up with me. Was up all night unpacking gear, organizing contacts, and planning the next few days.


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